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What is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is a photorealistic metaverse and a social experience for communities, individuals, and businesses to start creating their presence in the metaverse. You can own a part of Cornerstone, which gives you ownership and control over your piece of land and the immersive content published there.

What is Cornerstone’s purpose?

The main purpose of Cornerstone is to create an engaging metaverse platform with high-quality graphics for users while supporting the creators’ economy.

Who has made Cornerstone?

Cornerstone was founded by ZOAN. The Finnish company has been operating for 12 years as a virtual studio specializing in immersive 3D modeling and Unreal Engine. During this time, Zoan has built countless photorealistic virtual worlds in the fields of entertainment, education, culture, and marketing, serving some of the world's best-known companies. All this accrued skill and knowledge is now being utilized to build the ambitious vision of what Cornerstone is – and will be.

Who runs Cornerstone?

In the beginning, Cornerstone will be run by ZOAN. However, we are looking for the best solutions to decentralize governance as well as open source many parts of the island's ecosystem.

What can I do in Cornerstone?

You can build, explore, interact and collaborate with others, as well as invite them to your own land. The future roadmap allows you to host events and launches and showcase your creative offering.

How can I access Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is built using cloud gaming technology called pixel streaming. It allows users to access the experience via browser by using regular laptops instead of powerful gaming computers. Later on, we are also looking into launching a mobile version of the experience.

Can I invite others to Cornerstone?
At first, the number of invitations is limited to a few invitations per day, but as we are able to scale the cloud infrastructure, more invitations will be granted.

How is Cornerstone different from other metaverses?

Cornerstone is built using a stack of different technologies. This enables its photorealistic graphics and more flexible platform dynamics over time. By using state-of-the-art technologies, we are looking to push the limits of what is possible in terms of graphics, scalability, UX, and co-creation with the community.

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How can I buy land in Cornerstone?

To ensure Cornerstone's initial creators are the ones that will build the most engaging content for future users, the land sales are done via private sales until further notice. You can send your landowner application to hello@cornerstone.land.

Can I build my own structures and create 3D assets?

All landowners can publish their 3D content in Cornerstone following the building guidelines documentation. Please email us at hello@cornerstone.land for the documentation and further info.

How can I access my own land?

Via web browser (desktop/mobile) enabled by pixel streaming.

Can I resell my property?

The NFTs are under your control and ownership, granting you rights and access to Cornerstone ecosystem. They can be sold in the secondary markets, giving the new owner the rights and access vested in the NFTs.

How do I talk and interact with other Cornerstonians?

In the first version, communication happens via chat functionality.