The metaverse of infinite possibility

An enchanting world emerging from the sea

Cornerstone is a volcanic island surrounded by the vast ocean. It is filled with woodlands, meadows, caverns, black sands and other scenic surroundings to discover.

The island is powered by a rare energy source, Noza. You will recognize the mineral from its illuminating emerald glow.

Most of the time, Cornerstone is showered in natural light. The moon sets every Friday and rises again on Monday, casting its luminance over the entire island.

What will you create?

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The island is what Cornerstonians make it into. When building on your own land, we encourage you to expand and exceed what you think is possible.

Endless possibilities

Cornerstone will be the interactive, gamified metaverse of possibilities – Create something unseen. Share your space. Launch a product. Host a concert. Produce a festival. Cast a sculpture. Hone your craft. Celebrate life. Gather friends over. Tell a story. Most importantly, make yourself at home.

Your virtual identity

A human-like avatar that has a unique visual appearance. As the community grows, your position as a first-generation Cornerstonian remains essential.

Not too long ago, the idea of a photorealistic world where cutting-edge technology makes light of our physical limitations seemed like a distant dream.

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Many things seem impossible until done.

Soon, Cornerstone will enable creative builders and makers to unleash their potential and craft a world for everyone to participate in. The first creators to arrive are known as first-generation Cornerstonians. They are the base of our community and will shape what Cornerstone will become.

Cornerstone is not ours to claim; the island is a result of collaboration between utopian digital creators who share our idea of the metaverse as a new era for what reality means.

Metaverse is an evolving augmentation of our lived experience. Our shared journey towards the next stage of Web3 has already begun, and we hope you embark on this journey of crafting future with us.

While Cornerstone is a community, it was brought to life by ZOAN. We are boundless dreamers with a knack for immersive virtual experiences – and we’ve been doing exactly that for 12 years and counting.

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  1. Unreal Engine 5 – makes photorealistic graphics and core mechanics possible
  2. Pixel streaming allows access via browser – no need for powerful gaming computers
  3. Blockchain - a record of ownerships, powering the economy in Cornerstone

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